Hi friends! If you don't already know, I'm Gabriela, a fine art/fashion photographer and cinematographer whose work delves within the ideas of reality and un-reality of life as depicted through portraits and study of paths of light. I have been working in still imagery for seven years and recently begun making these similar concepts into moving images.

Even though I work within the photo industry I really began everything within various fine arts, and there were really quite a lot of areas I explored from a young age. These included mediums such as classical dance, Irish dance, choir, band (yes I played the trumpet), animation, painting, sculpting, and heck, I even got pretty good at playing the recorder. So I got a little bit of everything, and now these many elements affect the way I work and contemplate my every decision regarding my personal art.

I hadn't blogged for a while, but after much contemplation, I finally decided to start something featuring many parts of my life as a human and artist. My goal is to pull together the many things that make "me" in this space. This includes my travels, artwork and experiments, and I am happy to share them!

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