2016: A Year in Review

Even though 2017 has already made it into February, I thought that I might need to say something about 2016. I've been doing a lot of reflection lately on how life has changed simply from December until now, and I know for many of us that year brought on many challenges. I must say, however, that perhaps 2016 was not all negative. Sure, there was a lot of drastic change in many aspects of life, but in reality this is how we move forward. Life is more interesting this way.

Thinking back on 2016, at least for myself I made a lot of self-discovery, and I think that my travels certainly assisted in that realization.

Earlier in the year was a wonderful opportunity to return to some of my roots in Puerto Rico, visit my grandfather (and wonderful artist Carlos Irizarry; check his work out!), and reconnect with nature after dealing with cold weather in New York. I fell in love with travel again.

That spring after working the hardest I could I got my associates degree in photography, and decided to walk in the graduation quite last minute, but regret nothing because I love my friends. I also honed in my style of work to a higher degree of where I wanted it to be for the first time.

The next big step was being given the chance to travel to Japan to study the culture and conversation for a month starting in the summer. This is surely a trip that will be forever burned into my mind because I really found myself in Japan, and I felt so connected to everything when being there.

I also turned 21! Another year to live to the fullest.

Thinking back, the fall was when I really noticed things getting tough, but there were real reasons for it that I now understand. In that time I definitely became closer to my friends and reconnected with my family at home. I also was inspired to create more motion content, which you can check out either here

or on my Vimeo.

Yes , 2016 was a year of change. It was exciting, emotional, heartbreaking, but certainly full of life.

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