Colors all Around

People always ask what inspires me, and I always go back to dreams and what's in my mind. I'm pretty sure there is a trigger that turns on some kind of sensitivity to the colors that are around me and what I pick up, or maybe I have come to a point in my life in which significant colors throughout my life so far have been implanted like a tattoo into my brain.

The compilation of paintings at the top left were created last year individually but when I revisited them I realized I enjoyed how they looked together much more, and now already being March of 2017 I see the colors coming back into recent work. It's pretty exciting to see things starting to come full-circle, and to understand why certain things of the past occurred because it creates a clear pathway for future endeavors.

I am definitely happy with where I am now, but I know more greatness is waiting around the corner, so here's to moving forward. :)

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